Spermosens AB (publ): Sales for research purposes, a major step towards commercial acceleration

The following is news from the company, following the questions that have been received regarding both the potential and the perspective in relation to the Press Release May 18, 2022,

Sperm Bank a new customer segment:
Seattle Sperm Bank’s use of the JUNO-Checked System for research purposes is a significant milestone for Spermosens and paves the way for sales to around 100 sperm banks around the world. The sperm banks will have a new tool to be able to offer the best possible sperm donations to their customers, which is expected to lead to increased revenues and increased sales volume. The customer segment sperm banks are added to the existing business model, for Spermosens, thereby further increasing the market for the JUNO-Checked System. The earlier launch in the USA is made possible by the start of sales of the JUNO-Checked System for research purposes, in parallel with the ongoing CE marking process in Europe

Sales to IVF clinics:
Spermosens will offer IVF clinics and laboratories the JUNO-Checked System for research purposes as a first important step towards full commercialization. The JUNO-Checked System for research purposes enables clinics and associated research labs to use the system with self-validation, which is a common practice at both IVF clinics and labs and a natural part of clinical everyday life. The introduction entails an improved workflow with the expected better choice of individually correct IVF treatment, leading to an increased number of fertilizations in the implementation of IVF treatments.

Market launch underway:
Spermosens is planning a market introduction with the start of sales in the Nordic region and the USA. In a first step for research purposes to IVF clinics, laboratories, and sperm banks in 2022 as a natural step before a full commercial launch in Spermosens target markets. This will be a very important step towards the establishment of Spermosens breakthrough technology on the world market with a sales potential of more than € 600 million per year to IVF clinics, laboratories and sperm banks solely for Spermosens first product.

Big goal in sight:
The company’s goal is to offer product solutions that facilitate IVF clinics, laboratories and sperm banks in their ambition to make a real difference for the more than 48 million couples affected by infertility around the world leading to more successful fertilizations and more children born from IVF treatments and an improved quality of life for the millions affected by infertility. We are now taking the first steps towards commercializing our technology and thus we are approaching the realization of our great potential.

For more information please contact:
John Lempert, CEO
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Spermosens AB (publ)

Spermosens was founded in 2018 and develops medical technology products for male infertility to individualize and adapt In Vitro Fertilization treatments. The technology is based on two independent research groups’ discovery of the so-called JUNO protein, in human egg cells in 2018. Spermosen’s first patent-applied product consists mainly of two components; one measuring instruments with associated software, as well as disposable chips. The measuring instrument analyzes the sperm applied to the chip and finds out if they can bind to the egg cell via the JUNO protein.